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2019-20 Season Tryout Schedule
U09 – U14: Wednesday, May 29th
U15 – U19: Tuesday, June 4th

AYSO United tryouts will be held in multiple locations:

Balloon Fiesta Park
  - for east side residents (Region 104)

 - for west side residents (Region 1447)

Los Vecinos Community Center (1835 HWY 314)
  - for east mountain residents (Region 671)

AYSO United (NM) is part of (and the original club in) the National AYSO United club program which has over 26 AYSO United Clubs (and 6,000 players) from all over the country.

In New Mexico, our 32 teams are excited to see you out at the tryouts. As always… just show up (you don’t have to be currently registered with AYSO) and show us your “soccer skills”

For further information, contact Matt Unsworth (Vice President)

For more information read the Tryout Newsletter. There you'll find a complete list of our 32 teams, their age/gender, and their tryout location (tryouts are at multiple locations in the greater Albuquerque area).