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If you are interested in playing soccer with a club that emphasizes player development and positive coaching, you are in the right place. Joining us requires you to complete four steps:

Step 1: Find a Team

Go to the Team List and find a team in your age group that interests you. Look down the list to find a team with your gender and your birthyear. When you find one you like, contact the coach to see if they have room on the team for another player. Often teams will have one or two open slots, but not always.

If you don't have a team preference, or there is more than one team that interests you, contact our Club Registrar. The registrar will get you in contact with the right people to get a tryout.

Step 2: Attend a Tryout

If you are reading this in the spring and are looking for a team for next season, you will want to attend our club tryouts. All of our teams in the 14U and younger divisions have tryouts on one night the first week in June. Older teams (high school aged players) have their tryouts on the second week in June. In May, dates, times, and places for tryouts will be posted prominently on our home page and on the Tryouts Page.

If you are looking for a team for the current season and did not make the June tryouts, contact the team coach or the registrar as described above, and the coach will set up a supplemental tryout for you to be seen and compete for a position on the team.

Step 3: Register with AYSO and NMYSA

AYSO Registration

After you have selected a team, attended a tryout, and been offered a spot on a team, you will need to register with AYSO United. Go to AYSO United and click the "Register Now" button to complete your registration.

Register with NMYSA

AYSO United is a member of the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association (NMYSA), so registration with their organization is also required. Go to NMYSA, complete the registration form and pay the registration fee.

Step 4: Turn in Other Forms

If you are new to AYSO United, your coach will ask for a copy of your birth certificate so that we can make sure you are registered for the right age group. In some cases, players opt to play in an age group one year older than they are. In those cases, your coach will ask you to fill out a "Play Up" form.


After you get through those steps, you will be all set to enjoy a fun season of great soccer!